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Shipping in the USA is FREE of charge! 

All packaging and shipping goes through Kittay, each item

will be handled with care. Expect packages to arrive within 6-15 

business days with the FREE ground shipping.

If you would like an item faster, you can upgrade to express shipping,

but that cost is NOT included and WILL be extra.

For questions about shipping,

Please contact


Return Policy

Each item sold is handled with the best of care. 

In case an item is broken, please take a picture of the item upon it's arrival.

If it is due to package mishandling or delivery gone wrong you may 

be eligible for a discount on the next item shipped.

If a product has been in your care after a safe delivery, no 

returns or discounts are available. 

If you have any questions on returning items

Please contact


- Credit Card

- Debit Cards


  • Can I donate to help develop Chiivee?
    All donations are very much welcome. We currently have a tier chart for members only on what you will recieve for helping our development go faster! Kittay appreciates your excitment on our progress. Become a member today and stay in the know for all progress.
  • Can I buy in bulk?
    Yes! We do offer whole sale prices on some of our items, or on large orders. Most bulk orders consist of 20 or more items. If you are curious about which items qualify or how to get whole sale prices, please contact
  • Can I buy a commission?
    Yes! Kittay Comics is open for Commisions! Depending on the prodject, price may vary. To request a commision, select 'contact' and put 'commision' in the subject bar. Each commision starts with a $5 charge to begin request. Then the rest will be charged upon completing the request.
  • Help! The item I bought before is gone!
    If you are searching the SHOP and find that an item is gone, do not worry! Some of our items are seasonal. Meaning they are only displayed when the season calls for it. If you MUST HAVE an item that isn't show, please contact us! Sometimes we have left over from the previous season and can complete your request.


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