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We are currently looking for a developer to add to the team!
If you are interested in working directly with our team please email us so we can get to know you and recruit your skills.

Chiivee is a game in progress. Release date TBD. 

Chiivee will be a game fit for everyone of all ages. Enjoy your journey as you level up cute characters and learn their personalities. As they grow watch them crystalize into the path you choose. Do you want a chiivee that is a racer, maybe a fighter or even just a brain at all games.

Earn pennit on your journey and spend it on items to comfort and spoil your own pet chiivee.

Fight, race and unlock games as you progress in your own time or later on join with your friends and trade secrets.

If you have questions, would like to join the community or would like to help donate to the release of Chiivee contact us!

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